frank mccarthy and the art of the movie poster

FrankMcCarthy poster ValleyOfTheGwangi 1970 1500b

I STUMBLED AROUND the In­ternet looking for the name of the artist who did the poster for the 1968 movie The Green Berets. I found the Dan­gerous Minds web­site which not only iden­ti­fied the artist as Frank Mc­Carthy, but had an en­tire page de­voted to his art: “The Kick-Ass Poster Art Of Frank Mc­Carthy” by Paul Gal­lagher in­cludes four dozen pieces of art by Mc­Carthy! READ MORE

todd alcott’s repurposed quotes and old images *

Alcott YoungAmericans 1500 crop

OPEN CULTURE bills it­self as “the best free cul­tural and ed­u­ca­tional media on the web.” They have re­cently pub­lished two pages where artist Todd Al­cott uses his com­puter and his love for old mag­a­zines and pa­per­backs to create “new’ cover de­signs that look like old mag­a­zines and pa­per­backs.

The point of this ar­ticle is to turn you on to Open Cul­ture and es­pe­cially to Al­cott’s fab­u­lous im­ages. READ MORE

ron cobb and the designing of the ecology symbol

RonCobb EcologyFlag others 600 copy

THE ECOLOGY SYMBOL has been with us so long that it looks and feels rather an­cient. That it re­sem­bles the Greek letter theta, which has been around for thou­sands of years, cer­tainly helps with its look of an­tiq­uity. In fact, it is less than fifty years old, an­other piece of today that orig­i­nated with the hippie-counterculture move­ment of The Six­ties. READ MORE

on bernie boston’s iconic “flower power” photograph of 1967

aTES BarryBoston 1600

LOOK AT THIS PHOTO! Is there an image any­where that says “The Six­ties” better than a longishly-haired young man peace­fully placing a flower in the barrel of a bay­o­neted rifle pointing in his di­rec­tion? This photo was taken in 1967 when few males out­side of the Haight-Ashbury sec­tion of San Fran­cisco had grown their hair very long. Con­se­quently, these pro­tes­tors look so clean-cut, so non-Sixties-ish. READ MORE