check out bleeding heart liberal petitions on facebook

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I HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE ti­tled Bleeding Heart Lib­eral Pe­ti­tions. Most days, I re­ceive a slew of emails with pe­ti­tions for var­ious causes such as saving an en­dan­gered species, urging my rep­re­sen­ta­tives in state and fed­eral gov­ern­ment to vote for or against a par­tic­ular bill, protest an in­jus­tice, etc. I read them all, sign most of them, and add a few to the Face­book page. READ MORE

if you’re not a psychonaut, then what are you?

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THIS ARTICLE STARTED AS A JOKE‚ but will serve as a brief in­tro­duc­tion to psy­cho­nau­tics for the non-experienced. I use the word “ex­pe­ri­enced” here in its Hen­drixian meaning—meaning, I am re­fer­ring to Jimi Hen­drix Ex­pe­ri­ence’s recording Are You Ex­pe­ri­enced? from their 1967 album of the same title. The singer asks the person in the song—along with the lis­tener of the recording—this ques­tion: “Are you ex­pe­ri­enced? READ MORE

the sixties’ hope for a more enlightened tomorrow

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I FOUND THIS DISCUSSION about as­pects of The Six­ties in the com­ments sec­tion in an ar­ticle ti­tled “How we made: Dono­van’s Sun­shine Su­perman” by Dave Simpson for The Guardian (May 2, 2016). There are many par­tic­i­pants in the back-and-forth con­ver­sa­tions in the thread, but I will focus on just two com­menters, Bar­bKay and Katch33.

The com­ments cover a wide range of topics—from how adorable Donovan was to Shawn Phillips’ con­tri­bu­tions to the Sun­shine Su­perman album to how adorable Donovan was—but I glommed onto the ob­ser­va­tions of Katch33, par­tic­u­larly the two para­graphs below that begin with, “Nev­er­the­less, I’m left with an un­re­solved mix of con­fu­sion.” READ MORE

getting windy with john and lew at the tell it like it was a-go-go

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COMING SOON TO A SCREEN NEAR YOU! The Tell It Like It Was A-Go-Go fea­turing Trini Lopez, Johnny Rivers, and Billy Lee Riley! Yeah, that’s a joke for those of us old enough to re­member the live al­bums from those artists recorded at the Whiskey A-Go-Go in Los An­geles. But that’s not what this post is about.

For the past few months, I have been in­volved in a rather large project with two other writers, John Ross and Lew Shiner. READ MORE

to endlessly tell it like it was

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MY ATTENTION re­mains fo­cused on Tell It Like It Was, my new pub­li­ca­tion on Medium. And Tell It Like It Was re­mains fo­cused on music—mostly music of the ’60s but we will get into the rock & roll and rhythm & blues be­fore and after that decade even­tu­ally.

In the past week, Lew Shiner and John Ross pub­lished pieces on drum­mers: Lew with “Jack Sper­ling, King of the Big-Band Drum­mers” and John with “Give the Drum­mers Some!” READ MORE

far out, man, just “tell it like it was”

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MY APOLOGIES for ne­glecting reg­ular readers of my blogs for the past few months. For­tu­nately, there is a good reason for this that has nothing to do with those silly ru­mors cir­cu­lated by the VRC that I had run off and joined a pro­gres­sive com­mune in Ver­mont left over from those hippie-wannabe days of yore. Sigh, as en­ticing as that sounds, there’s work yet to be done. READ MORE

a blog about the sixties (because they didn’t just end with the ’60s)

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THIS IS A CONCEPT SITE—and anyone who was into rock in the ’60s or is a record col­lector now knows some­thing about ‘con­cept albums’—whose pur­pose is to present ar­ti­cles, es­says, and pic­to­rials about “the Six­ties,” ac­cen­tu­ating the pos­i­tive about the people, music, books, movies, art, and events that oc­curred then and which live on in fact or spirit decades later. READ MORE

what’s so funny about peace love and understanding? *

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I ENTERED COLLEGE in Sep­tember 1969. Nixon had been in of­fice less than a year and the war in Vietnam was on­going. The draft was also on­going but I had a stu­dent de­fer­ment. I was, of course, op­posed to the war and made my opinion and feel­ings known when­ever op­por­tu­nity al­lowed. Such as in my choice of at­tire.

My stan­dard dress in­cluded a pair of Lee’s boot-cut jeans ($2.99 at the Army-Navy Store) and black shirts. READ MORE