looking at the foresight of “wild in the streets” fifty years later

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“DON’T TRUST ANYONE OVER 30!” That was one of the mottos we had in the ’60s and it was pro­vided by Jerry Rubin. When he made that state­ment in 1967, there is a good chance that he knew ex­actly the kind of ef­fect that it would have. But he might not have had a clue that it would also have an ef­fect on non-political movers and shakers in Hol­ly­wood. READ MORE

a look at 101 swinging chicks of the swinging ’60s

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AT CHRISTMAS A NUMBER OF YEARS AGO, I met my sister’s boyfriend, who was two gen­er­a­tions younger than I. Not un­der­standing what his tastes in any­thing were ex­cept that he liked good-looking women, my present to him was a book, Swingin’ Chicks Of The ’60s. It’s a col­lec­tion of photos and bi­ographies of 101 women fa­mous for their beauty decades ago. READ MORE

frank mccarthy and the art of the movie poster

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I STUMBLED AROUND the In­ternet looking for the name of the artist who did the poster for the 1968 movie The Green Berets. I found the Dan­gerous Minds web­site which not only iden­ti­fied the artist as Frank Mc­Carthy, but had an en­tire page de­voted to his art: “The Kick-Ass Poster Art Of Frank Mc­Carthy” by Paul Gal­lagher in­cludes four dozen pieces of art by Mc­Carthy! READ MORE

john wayne and “the green berets” as pentagon propaganda

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WHEN THE SINGLE The Ballad Of The Green Berets was re­leased in Jan­uary 1966, I was 14-years-old (“one hun­dred men will test today”). Being a good, pa­tri­otic Amer­ican lad, I went out and bought it on the same trip to the record store that I picked up the Byrds’ latest record, Set You Free This Time / It Won’t Be Wrong (“but only three win the green beret”). READ MORE

we all had a crush on janet munro and hayley mills

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THE ROUND PLACE IN THE MIDDLE is a web­site de­voted to sev­eral topics, one of which is movies—mostly older movies. Blog host/chief-cook-and-bottle-washer John Ross seems to love every kind of movie ever made and writes elo­quently and en­thu­si­as­ti­cally about them. His ar­ti­cles and re­views reg­u­larly have me bor­rowing DVDs from the li­brary.

His most re­cent post is ti­tled “How She Was Made” and ad­dresses a re­cent in­ter­view that Hayley Mills did with film critic Leonard Maltin. READ MORE

is the novel “catch-22” representative of “the sixties”?

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SELECTING TEN NOVELS that sum up the era we refer to as “the Six­ties” would be a task worthy of a minor Greek demi-deity. And by the Six­ties, I am re­fer­ring to the whole peace-love-do-your-own-thing coun­ter­cul­ture: pot and acid and con­scious­ness ex­pan­sion and free love—lots and lots of free love—and rock & roll and Zap Comix and you know the rest. READ MORE