stranded on a desert island with paul mccartney and endless electricity

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LAST YEAR THE QUESTION of “Why was Paul the most suc­cessful out of all the Bea­tles?” turned up on Quora. Of course, I chimed in with an an­swer. But be­fore I post that here, I want my readers to un­der­stand a few things: For the pe­riod 1963-1969—you know, when he was a member of a band called the Beatles—I con­sider Paul Mc­Cartney to be the most cre­ative bass player in pop music along with being one of the best song­writers and singers. READ MORE

I just began a new publication all about elvis on medium

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WE LAUNCHED our new pub­li­ca­tion Tell It Like It Was on Medium on Jan­uary 1, 2019. The ar­ti­cles within ad­dress pop­ular music, pri­marily rock & roll from the ’60s. “We” are John Ross (my fa­vorite music blogger), Lew Shiner (my fa­vorite nov­elist), and my­self. We love the music (and the books and the movies and the styles and the girls girls girls) of that era. READ MORE

ssgt barry sadler and the ballad of the green berets (plus a few dominoes)

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ON JANUARY 29, 1966, one of the strangest hit records in pop­ular music made its debut on the Cash Box Top 100. It wasn’t the strongest day for new sin­gles de­buting on that survey: the week’s highest-charting new entry was the Dave Clark 5’s At The Scene (#58). It was a solid, if un­ex­cep­tional, side by the group that had been the Bea­tles’ strongest com­pe­ti­tion on the Amer­ican charts during the British In­va­sion of 1964-1965. READ MORE

the influence of the beatles vs the influence of john lennon *

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IN AN ATTEMPT to reach more po­ten­tial readers for my blogs, I have taken to an­swering ques­tions posed on Quora. While the ques­tions posed run the gamut of the ra­tio­nality spec­trum, most of the an­swers pro­vided by readers are in­tel­li­gent and ar­tic­u­late. It’s a good site that claims to have more than 190,000,000 monthly unique vis­i­tors!

So the ques­tion was, “Is there any Bea­tles song that has in­flu­enced the world as much as John Lennon’s song Imagine has done? READ MORE