GCC – Global Climate Change (blog)

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ASIDE FROM THIS BLOG, I am cur­rently doing my goldarn­dest to keep five other blogs run­ning. One of them is GCC – Global Cli­mate Change, which is sub-titled “a blog about the day after to­morrow (which hap­pened yes­terday).” And, yes, that is a ref­er­ence to the 2004 movie that the critics panned but that I en­joyed and still rec­om­mend. The blog covers the be­gin­nings of the end of the world as we know it, which has been going on since way be­fore the first earth Day in 1970. It has seven categories:

•  Antarc­tica
•  Arctic
•  Cli­mate Change
•  Cli­mate Change Deniers
•  Glac­iers
•  Miscellaneous
•  Weather

Or if you want to take a peek at GCC – Global Cli­mate Change, just click HERE.