in advance of lew shiner’s “outside the gates of eden”

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ONCE AN ALIENATED, overly cre­ative teenage misfit, Lew Shiner has been a crit­i­cally suc­cessful writer for more than thirty years. His novel Glimpses won the World Fan­tasy Award in 1994 for Best Novel. He has also been one of my fa­vorite writers since I was turned on to his novels twenty-some years ago. Paul Williams told me that Glimpses was the best rock & roll novel he’d ever read. READ MORE

todd alcott’s repurposed quotes and old images *

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OPEN CULTURE bills it­self as “the best free cul­tural and ed­u­ca­tional media on the web.” They have re­cently pub­lished two pages where artist Todd Al­cott uses his com­puter and his love for old mag­a­zines and pa­per­backs to create “new’ cover de­signs that look like old mag­a­zines and pa­per­backs.

The point of this ar­ticle is to turn you on to Open Cul­ture and es­pe­cially to Al­cott’s fab­u­lous im­ages. READ MORE