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ssgt barry sadler and the ballad of the green berets (plus a few dominoes)

ON JANUARY 29, 1966, one of the strangest hit records in pop­ular music made its debut on the Cash Box Top 100 chart. It was a simple, folk-like song that sounded like it should have been played over the closing credits of a movie, not played round-the-clock on Top 40 radio sta­tions across the country. [Continue reading]

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a blog about “the sixties”

THIS IS A CONCEPT SITE—and anyone who was into rock in the ’60s or is a record col­lector now knows some­thing about ‘con­cept albums’—whose pur­pose is to present ar­ti­cles, es­says, and pic­to­rials about “the Six­ties,” ac­cen­tu­ating the pos­i­tive about the people, music, books, movies, art, and events that oc­curred then and which live on in fact or spirit decades later. [Continue reading]